August 25, 2008

What is Amateur Radio?

The wonderful world of Amateur Radio

Welcome to the wonderful world of Amateur Radio. It is many different things to the individual three million plus people throughout the world who enjoy this multi-faceted communications hobby. Amateurs communicate with each other by transmitting voice, Morse code, digital modes, pictures and even video signals. Below is a summary of how it began and has kept with the times to remain an enjoyable leisure time activity.

The image of Amateur radio has long since transcended the ‘older’ bearded individual who sits in a room filled with big black boxes full of glass tubes glowing in the dark while talking to people in a strange language. The sound of strange beeps from a brass key used to complete this picture. While this can still be seen, a brave new world of Amateur Radio has now emerged.

New Amateur Radio

Today’s Amateur Radio is a world of modern communication and experimentation and has had a new lease of life since the regulations were changed in 2005 to remove Morse code and create the new “Foundation License”. Since then, the hobby has been rejuvenated and has been taken up by many young children and others who in the past would never have been able to participate.
The modern Amateur is a person whose life has seen the impact of Internet, Television, Ipods and the Space Age. The modern amateur has also evolved with digital radios and modern methods of communication while still retaining the classic appeal of the “wireless”. It is a hobby that has survived the industrial revolution and the electronics age and continues to grow with a unique appeal.


It is the only hobby in the world which allows its participants to communicate and experiment and learn new skills in the process, while learning the “art” of Radio Communications. Many advanced Amateurs experiment with Digital Communication, Using Computers & Radio to complement each other by harnessing the power of the internet and almost all Amateurs are involved in some kind of “Home Brew” projects. Most Amateurs are involved in their local clubs and keep themselves busy with club activities. They organize and take part in field events and “sporting” activities. Most Amateurs are involved in something that interest them and find endless rewards from being part of an inexpensive hobby which has no age barriers.

Increase Your Knowledge

This unique hobby also helps in developing people’s abilities in many ways. The nature of the hobby results in an increase of knowledge in geography, science and mathematics. One tends to acquire a flair for good communication and have the opportunity to network worldwide. One also gets to appreciate and understand cultural differences and get a better understanding of the world we live in.